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full time Concept Artist

Poslodavac: Miloš Petrović Lokacija: Novi Sad


EIPIX Entertainment

Novi Sad, Serbia

We’re looking for a humble yet ambitious concept artist for HOPA games. The candidate we are looking for should have experience with creating a diverse visual range of characters, environments, architecture, and related game assets. Solid grasp of composition, form, structure, color and light is a must.

You will design creative game scenes, characters and other game assets for HOPA games, while working with game designers and other concept artists to establish a consistent visual direction, depending on the specific project. Work closely with other members of the team to bring out a coordinated overall effort.

Requiered skills:
• Strong visual library
• Advanced knowledge in digital content creation tools such as Photoshop, Manga studio, etc
• Experience in different 2D painting techniques, photo retouching, collage
• Good understanding of composition, perspective, human anatomy, form and shape language
• Good illustration skills, paint and line art
• Understanding of the distinctive HOPA genre visual style
• Sufficient knowledge of English language
• Good positive attitude and outlook, very communicative, self-motivated, and a great team-player

Extra skills:
• Previous experience in other digital related industry
• Previous experience in HOPA game development
• Compositing 3D software render passes
• Traditional painting and illustration

To apply, please fill in the contact form at http://eipix.com/eipix_join/joinus.html. If you are interested in hearing a bit more about the position, you are more than welcome to contact our HR department at hr@eipix.com.

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