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full time VFX Artist

Poslodavac: Miloš Petrović Lokacija: Novi Sad

VFX ARTIST Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia

As the VFX and animation master, you will create segments and full cinematics for our games.
Your tasks will include compositing and animating 2D and 3D graphics, working with 3D passes in Photoshop, making various effects using 2D/3D software and plugins, as well as video post processing.

Required skills:
- Excellent knowledge of After Effects
- Modeling and animating in 3D software
- Proficient Photoshop skills
- A good understanding of film language
- Knowledge of collage techniques (creating new art out of existing resources), photo retouching, as well as creating artwork “from scratch” in 2D software
- Sufficient knowledge of English language
- Orientation towards team-work and collaboration
- Applicants without an animation portfolio will not be considered eligible for the position.

To apply, please fill in the contact form at http://eipix.com/eipix_join/joinus.html. If you are interested in hearing a bit more about the position, you are more than welcome to contact our HR department at hr@eipix.com.

Extra skills:
- Previous experience in game development or other digital art related industry
- lExperience in animation and video production
- lPhotography lStoryboarding
- lKnowledge of project management software (ActiveCollab/Trello/Jira etc.)

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