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Poslodavac: EIPIX Entertainment Lokacija: Novi Sad


Novi Sad

As a content creator and copywriter, you will create written content for various startup project channels of communication, both internal and external.

Your tasks will include, but not be limited to, writing website content and copy for promotional materials, social networks, newsletters, blog posts, product releases, press releases, etc. You will be working in the innovative R&D department of Eipix Entertainment, its internal startup incubator Outmagine. We will rely on your vast knowledge of new technologies and pop culture to create smart and engaging content.

Required skills
• Superior knowledge of the English language
• Excellent proofreading and grammar skills with a keen eye for detail
• Ability to create effective, informative, and attention-grabbing copy
• Ability to write in various styles for diverse audiences
• Understanding of various communication channels and their unique characteristics
• Solid understanding of brand concepts
• Multitasking and working under pressure; meeting deadlines
• Orientation towards team-work and collaboration

Extra skills
• Previous experience in the marketing industry
• Knowledge of common SEO copywriting practices
• Willingness to give it your blood, sweat, and tears

To apply, please fill out the contact form at http://eipix.com/join-us/.
If you are interested in hearing a bit more about the position, you are more than welcome to contact our HR department at hr@eipix.com.

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