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full time Web Developer

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About Our Company

Web Direct Brands is an American company that owns and runs a growing number of retail websites that are governed by dedication to customer support and are each held to the same management principles. We provide a retail experience for our customers that far surpasses the information and knowledgeable assistance that can be found in any brick and mortar store.

For more information about our company, please visit our website:: http://www.webdirectbrands.com/ or http://www.webdirectbrands.com/Our_Stores.aspx

Job Summary:

We’re looking for a remote ASP.NET developer who is comfortable with working from home, interacting with 5 other developers that also work from home and is looking to grow with the company long term. This person will have a list of tasks to be completed that may involve anything from simple bug fixes and content changes to complete overhauls of sites. Other tasks may include working with the company databases, performing queries, using version control for files, and managing automatically-triggered emails all the while communicating with other developers and managers.

Our primary candidate:

Understands and can communicate in English
Is knowledgable in ASP.NET WebForms web development
Is knowledgeable in JavaScript
Must have a good work ethic with a great attitude
Must be willing to grow with the company
Must be self-motivated
Must be a team player
Must have knowledge in SQL
Must be familiar with modern online best practices, including RWD
Must have basic knowledge of SEO best practices
Must be familiar with MVC
Knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio
Basic knowledge of Quickbooks is a plus
Knowledge of Bootstrap is a plus

Two years in applying ASP.NET to ecommerce websites

Job Type:
Full Time: 40hrs / week structured time + 5hrs / week flex time + 5 hrs / week learning

75,000 RSD per month

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